Ultramar represents the luxury yacht brands, Riva, Mangusta , FX and CRN. Ultramar was established is 2006 in order to exclusively represent Riva in Turkey. In 2010, also Mangusta was added to it’s portfolio.As of 2016 Ultramar added FX Yachts, taking the role as global representatives.

Ultramar is the exclusive distributor of Italian luxury yacht brand Riva in Turkey. Riva, a family established company, founded in 1842 is the oldest active shipyard in the industry. In 2000, Riva was purchased by Ferretti Group that has lemented itself as a world leader in design, construction and sale of motor yachts and pleasure vessels. As of today, Riva has 16 unique models between 8 to 30 meters, in three different lines, Open, Coupé and Flybridge. Riva also has a SuperYachts Division produces between 50 to 90 meters. The three active shipyards are in Sarnico, La Spezia and Ancona.

Precise personality linked to its name, Riva is known by being timeless and elegant and by its unique lines, traditional craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, innovative functional design and absolute attention to details. Being the state of the art design and performance, Riva is the love and lifestyle of many celebrities and businessmen all around the world. In 2012 Riva celebrated 170 years with various events and the 170 years book was launched that includes quotes from people who made a difference in Riva’s history. Following that, 170 years website was launched in tribute to the brands history. www.riva170.com. In 2016 Riva became the official sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari.

Ultramar also officially represents CRN, the Luxury Mega Yacht brand of Ferretti Group. CRN was founded in Ancona in 1963 and became part of Ferretti Group in 1999. Today CRN manufactures fully customized 40 to 90 meter long mega-yachts made of steel and aluminum. CRN is dedicated to the production of the entire fleet of its own brand and other steel and aluminum models belonging to other brands of the Ferretti Group and it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of the luxury boating sector in Europe.

Ultramar is one of the only 4 Official Represetatives in the world for Overmarine-Mangusta. Founded in 1985 by the current owners Balducci family, Overmarine Group has produced Mangusta Yachts, famous by the biggest range of Maxi-Open Yachts in the world, which combines speed and attention to consumption, a top perfromance and comfort, impressive inside volumes and broad outdoor areas, Italian style and bespoke interiors. Today, Mangusta offers 3 different lines. First line Mangusta MaxiOpens features models from 22 to 65 meters. In this line, Mangusta 165 is the fastest Maxi Open in the world, reaching 40 knots speed in 50 meters length. Second Line Mangusta Oceano Long Range Yachts features three models, 42meters, 46 meters and 55 meters. The third line is Mangusta GranSport. The model 55GrandSport is a 55 meters Fast Dispcalement Yacht. Mangusta also has a CustomDivision that customers can build steel and aluminum customized yachts up to 70 meters on their projects and/or with their handpicked design companies. Overmarine Group has 10 production facilities in the areas of Viareggio, Massa and Pisa. All the processes of building a mould, mock-up ,lamination and design are carried out inside the group. The group has its own in-house Technical Office and Design Department.

FX Yachts
In 2016 Ultramar added FX Yachts to it’s portfolio. Built in a boutique style in Antalya Turkey, FX Yachts’ shipyard is owned by a subsidiary of Ulukartal Group Companies. FX Yachts stands out in a crowded market by offering high end quality yachts with customer oriented design and excellent craftsmanship at a low cost.
The sporty yachts in the FX Yachts’ line up are focused on outdoor living complemented by luxurious, minimalist and sophisticated interiors. The current range is composed of FX29 (29m) , FX 34 (34m) and FX 38 (38 m).