MANGUSTA NEWS: Mangusta Yachts at the Upcoming Boat Shows in Cannes and in Monaco 19.07.2017

Following a cross-sector development trend it is proposing three different lines of product, each the expression of innovative technical and technological content, that allows the Owners to experience the sea dependant on their own personal interpretation.

The line of the tradition is that of the Maxi Opens Mangusta, a segment in which the Group is a market leader. It is the Mediterranean yacht par excellence, that allows you to dart from one place to the other in outstanding comfort (in terms of quietness, stabilisation and vibration) and in spaces inside and out that are large and exquisitely balanced. The 50m in the Mangusta 165 E series is recognised as an absolute icon of style and performance and represents unparalleled success.

The same technological contents developed for high-performance yachts (focused on onboard comfort) and the same concepts of balancing open spaces with internal volumes we find applied to the development of the Mangusta Oceano line, that of Long Range yachts in metal. The link with the Open is again stylistic, in the family feeling represented by the contemporary, timeless design. But this line has stylistic details that definitely distinguish it, bestowing a strong identity and a great recognisability. These are ships optimised for a range to rival those of the explorer type, of up to 5,000 miles, with a beach area that could become a toy area as well. The third 43 meter is already in production, with other projects up to 60m.

The Mangusta GranSport line is the technical and stylistic syntheses of the other two lines: it is a fast displacement yacht, i.e. yachts with a great range, that have the best performance at displacement speed but that offers at the same time the ability to achieve higher speeds typical of high-performance yachts, when necessary or advisable.

The first flagship, 54 metres long, will be in the water in summer 2018. A 45-metre version is also under construction.

The Cannes and Monaco boat shows will be a unique opportunity to admire both a Maxi Open and a Long Range together, the perfect expression of what Mangusta is today. Different ways of experiencing the sea but the same important technological contents, where the boat is the means of living an experience.

Mangusta is at the Yachting Festival in Cannes (12-17 September ) in the Jetée 009 area with the Mangusta Oceano 42 hull no.1, the 3-decks that has met with so much public and media success, next to a maxi open model from the Mangusta 110 series.

And it is at the Monaco Yacht Show (27-30 September) in the QH25 area, with the last 50 metre maxi open just delivered, the Mangusta 165E number 12. There will be a model of the displacement line, too.